Concierge Indica

Av. Beira Mar

At Praia de Meireles there is Beira Mar Avenue, which extends to the Mucuripe. In it is the main concentration of hotels of the city. The Nautical Club is a landmark of this beach, in front of which, every day, the most well-known handicraft fair in the city takes place. The Volta da Jurema is the most noble place on the coast of Fortaleza. The Mucuripe is famous for its fishing community and the composition of Belchior, an important national artist, who portrays the ethos of the jangadairo and the raft as symbols of Ceará. Every day, in the afternoon and early in the morning, you can see the departure and arrival of the fishermen. There is also a bustling fish and shellfish market in the region, and the city’s oldest statue of Iracema and Martim, which opened in 1965.

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