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Ceará Show: a história da terra contada em espetáculo

Who is a tourist or who is already from the land will be enchanted by the beautiful spectacle that tells the history of Ceará through dances, circus arts and a lot of music.

The Ceará Show narrates the trajectory of Moa, who, after his great love leaves for the Southeast, decides to take the road. In the middle of the road, he ends up finding historical figures from Ceará like India Iracema, Dragon of the Sea, Seu Lunga, Jovita Feitosa and much more.

The presentation is not itinerant and always happens at the Teatro Ceará Show, in the region of Meireles, near the hotels and restaurants of Fortaleza. The musical is aimed at all ages and is perfect for bringing the family.


Ceará Show

Unique presentations: Thursday through Sunday

Time: 8:30 p.m.

Location: Teatro Ceará Show (Av. Abolição, 2323 – Meireles)

Sales: or at the box office of Teatro Ceará Show

Facebook: / ocearashow

Instagam: @ocearashow

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