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Cine São Luiz

São Luiz Cinema (Cine São Luiz) is a cinema of the Severiano Ribeiro Group. Its construction began in 1939, under the project of Humberto da Justa Menescal.

In 1958, the building was completed and inaugurated. Her first session was on March 26, with the screening of the movie “Anastasia, the Forgotten Princess”. The building has a hall, whose staircases have floor and carrara marble flooring, and three large crystal chandeliers imported from the former Czechoslovakia. The building underwent some modifications to accompany the technological innovations, such as the implantation of modern sound equipment. In 1995 the São Luiz becomes the space of presentation of Cine Ceará. It is also the main space of other film festivals that take place in Fortaleza.

Rua Major Facundo, 500 – Centro (Praça do Ferreira)

(85) 3231-9461

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