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Dica de Férias: Theatro José de Alencar

Holidays in Fortaleza? So here’s a tip that you can not miss in your script as you pass through Terra da Luz, Theatro José de Alencar. Besides national artistic reference he plays an important role in the cultural life of Ceará.

As Theater-Monument, it offers a select scenic program of the State and also a diverse array of socio-cultural and artistic activities of the central axis of Fortaleza. It affirms itself as a gathering space for research, training, production and diffusion

artistic, becomes the stage of social inclusion and signs its commitment to the future.

A curious example of eclectic architecture in Brazil, the José de Alencar Theater, as well as the art noveau showroom, features a 120-seat auditorium, foyer, open sky space, and the 2,600-square-meter annexe building that houses the Centro de Artes Cênicas (CENA), the Morro do Ouro Theater, with capacity for 90 people, the Praça Mestre Pedro Boca Rica, with an outdoor stage and capacity for 600 people, the Carlos Câmara Library, Galeria Ramos Cotôco, four rooms for study and rehearsals, workshops for costume design and lighting, as well as the Eleazar de Carvalho Chamber Orchestra and the Basic Principles of Theater and Circus Course.


Theatro José de Alencar

Address: R. Liberato Barroso, 525 – Centro, Fortaleza – CE, 60030-160

Phone: (85) 3101-2583

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