Concierge Indica


The Old Public Chain is located at Senador Pompeu Street. It is a building of the mid-nineteenth century that became the Center of Tourism of the City, if of the Museum of Popular Art and Museum of Mineralogy, among other things. Additional information: Conceived by the engineer Manuel Castro de Gouveia in the mid 50’s, the building of the former Public Chain was deactivated due to the construction of the Paulo Sarasate Penal Institute some years later. The building of neo-classical lines was reformed and became the Center of Tourism of Fortaleza, becoming the headquarters of Emcetur – Empresa Cearense de Turismo.In addition to receiving tourists and providing local information to travelers, the center also houses the commerce of handicrafts and typical products of the place. The cells serve as boxes, offering space for artisans to demonstrate their pieces and, in the pavilion, there are cultural spaces: the Museum of Popular Art and the Museum of Mineralogy. Center: Rua Senador Pompeu, 350 Phone: (85) 3101-5508 Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, from 08h to 18h; Saturday from 08h to 16h; Sunday from 08h to 12h

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