Concierge Indica

Moleskine Gastrobar

In the case of snacks, many surprises, with the traditional snacks that gain the rereading of the chef and Moleskine snacks, exclusive of the gastrobar. A trip of flavors, between tucupi duck rolls, tuna asian (seared tuna with passion fruit purée), risotto fillet risotto, honey ribs, bean stew, ceviche with coconut foam – gastronomy Molecular also making itself present – Aipim cake with shrimp bobó, duck magret, prawns on the grill, among other innovative and tempting creations. The gastrobar offers a wide and varied wine cellar with more than 100 labels from various countries and the novelty of the beer cellar on one of the walls of the loft, presenting the world map and labels located in the sector of each country. Rua Professor Dias da Rocha, 578 – Tel: (85) 3037-6774 / 3037-1700. E-mails: / Open Friday through Sunday for lunch, and second Sunday for happy hour and dinner. Accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Valet parking and parking.

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