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Praça do Ferreira

Its name is a reference to Boticário Ferreira who in 1871, as mayor of the city, did a remodeling in the area and urbanized the space. After a series of surveys, Praça do Ferreira was officially declared Historical and Heritage Landmark of Fortaleza by municipal law 8605 of March. It is an area of ​​7,603 square meters, limited by Major Facundo, Floriano Peixoto, Dr. Pedro Borges and Travessa Pará streets. December 20, 2001. The place is well known for its clock, which is located in the center of the square. In 2001, Praça do Ferreira was chosen as the city’s icon. The choice was the result of a promotion of the “Eleja Fortaleza” campaign, created by Banco Itaú in partnership with the Verdes Mares System.

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