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Santa Praia

Barraca Santa Praia, with a unique concept, located in the best point of Praia do Futuro, for people who are fun, sporty, good astral, of all ages.

With more than 600 meters of built area and architectural design of Marcus Novaes, the tent Santa Beach was designed so that your leisure is complete, different decoration, and the most pleasant, acclimated by the artist Chico Filho.

The tent Santa Praia, in Praia do Futuro, in Fortaleza – Ceará, stands out as a pleasant place for Cearenses and tourists, providing attractions for day and night, intensified by the natural beauty of the paradisiacal coast of Ceará.
The beach tennis, soccer and beach volleyball courts will stimulate a healthy life for you to play, cheer or compete. Children’s play area and lounges complete the scenery.

Open daily from 8am to 5pm, with well prepared menu and on weekends and holidays with Self Service Buffet.
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