Pet Friendly


1) At check-in, please provide proof of immunizations as well as flea and parasite treatments (a vaccination card is mandatory).

2) There will be an additional fee of R$ 90,00 +15% of taxes per day in addition to the room’s daily rate.

3) Only small and medium-sized pets are allowed (maximum height of 50 cm).

4) Only 01 pet per room or suite will be permitted.

5) The guest will be responsible for ensuring that their pet is quiet and well-behaved, so as not to disturb other guests.

6) A “pet kit” will be provided by the hotel and should be available in the room after check in.

7) The guest must pick up the feces of their pet on hotel grounds, and ensure that it does not urinate, defecate, or vomit within the premises of the hotel. Hygienic mats, disposable bags and dustpan will be provided by the hotel. If it is found that the guest did not follow said protocols, or allowed their pet to release bodily waste within the premises of the hotel will proceed with a full room sanitation and, at its sole discretion, may charge the guest a special cleaning fee in the amount of R$200,00.

8) Outside of the room the pet must be kept on a leash and in be fully controlled at all times, however docile it may be. Leashes must not exceed 2m in length.

9) Pets are strictly prohibited in the hotel’s social areas such as fitness center, spa, restaurants and events rooms.

9.1) Pool area – The animal may remain in this area with so long as they are controlled on a suitable leash. If the pet bothers other guests due to noise, we kindly ask that they be removed to your room room. The pet is not allowed to urinate or defecate in the pool area.

10) When using the elevator we ask that you hold your pet in your arms at all times.

11) No item from the room’s trousseau, such as sheets, towels, blankets, plates, cups, among others may be used for the comfort of your pet. Such items must be provided by the guest, in addition to the “pet kit” provided by the hotel, as mentioned before.

12) The cleaning of the room will only be carried out in the presence of the owner of the pet.

13) In case the pet needs to stay alone in the room for any amount of time, is mandatory that you leave the “do not disturb” sign at the door. To prevent any misfortunates, there will be no cleaning or minibar reposition while the sign is up.

13.1) Pets are not permitted to spend nights in the hotel room or on hotel grounds unsupervised for any reason. Additionally, non-guests (such as pet sitters or agencies) are not permitted to access hotel grounds to feed or accompany a pet at any time.

14) The hotel does not provide food for the pets, that is the sole responsibility of the owner.

15) Any damage that may occur to fabrics, carpets or furniture in the room must be fully reimbursed according to the costs in the list of belongings provided by the Department of Governance. Because of this, the check out for pet owners will require an additional 30 minutes to enable the inspection and release of the room. Please budget your time accordingly.

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