Lobby bar

Can you imagine a space that combines high gastronomy, daring drinks, contemporary art, a favorable business environment and the best Happy Hour in Fortaleza? Meet the Lobby Bar at Hotel Gran Marquise and choose from tasting our international cuisine, contemplating a rare Burle Marx panel, listening to refined music or arranging important professional meetings.

Open to the public daily.

Feijoada 8-star

The Feijoada at the Hotel Gran Marquise, in the Mucuripe Restaurant, was voted by Veja magazine as the best in Fortaleza – for eight consecutive years. It is a delicious 8-star feijoada.

You have the option of choosing between the various ingredients and also between the environments: it can be the indoor air-conditioned environment or the balcony, outdoors, with the view, facing the Mucuripe beach. All this to the sound of a group of chorinho.

Opening hours: from noon to 3 p.m. (only on Saturdays).


The restaurant Mucuripe is the flagship of the Hotel Gran Marquise, where breakfast and lunch are served. The design and decoration of the restaurant values ​​symbols and artists from Ceará.

The specialty of the house are the grilled and regional dishes. The restaurant is open to the public. On Saturdays serves the famous Feijoada Buffet. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


At Mangostin the customer can know the gastronomic secrets of Thailand, China, Korea and Japan, all mixed with some touches and secrets of our cuisine. A winning bet at the Hotel Gran Marquise.

The decor, the soundtrack and the Japanese garden create an intimate atmosphere that transports the visitor to an amazing atmosphere. Worth savoring this experience.

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